A GROUP will be hosting an awareness horse ride in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Pass Wide and Slow Facebook Group is hosting a group ride in Dinas Powys on September 18.

The aim of the ride is to raise awareness of how to pass horses safely on roads.

Horse riders across the UK have expressed concerns on numerous occasions about the safety of themselves and their horses when they are riding on the road due to vehicles passing close by or at quick speeds.

Riders in Dinas Powys have noted that the Westra Lanes are quite dangerous for them when they are riding but acknowledge that it is a widespread issue across all roads and lanes.

The Highway Code was changed in January this year to give priority to the most vulnerable road users. Horse riders are included in this change along with pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Penarth Times:

How should you pass a horse?

If you’re driving and you come across a lone or group of horse riders on the roads, particularly in country lanes, there are a few things you should and should not do.

  • Do drive slowly behind the group, keeping a good, safe distance behind the horses.
  • Do pull over and allow the horses to pass if you are travelling in the opposite direction to the horses, especially if it is a narrow road.
  • If it is safe to overtake, you can do so providing you overtake slowly and leaving a wide gape between yourself and the horse/s.
  • Do not drive close to the horse/s.
  • Do not beep your horn.
  • Do not speed past at close distance to the horses.

It is important to take care when driving near horses as they are able to get spooked and this can cause danger to not only the horse, but its rider and others nearby.


The Pass Wide and Slow Facebook Group was established in 2017 with the aim of educating motorists to ensure that horse riders feel safe on their travels. Across the UK, 20 awareness rides were held in the first year. In 2021, 178 rides were held, and the group has had coverage in local and national media.

More than 200 rides are expected to be held on September 18 this year across the UK. They are ranging from private rides to large public rides. The group is also inviting other vulnerable road users including pedestrians and cyclists to join them.

The Vale of Glamorgan’s ride will take place from Dinas Powys Common on September 18 at 10am with around 30 riders set to take part.

The group has also published a video using footage sent in from riders across the UK which can be seen here: https://youtu.be/jwszw9OFKZ0