JOIN Penarth Civic Society to hear from Barbara Davies Quy, Deputy Director of the Cardiff based charity Size of Wales which was set up to protect tropical forests the size of Wales.

Tropical forests are vital ecosystems for our planet. They produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, mitigate climate change, and are home to many plants and animals and Indigenous People’s.

But they are one of the most endangered habitats on earth and most vulnerable to deforestation.

The charity provides funding and expertise to local and indigenous communities in tropical regions to support them to secure and sustain their precious forests, grow more trees and establish sustainable livelihoods.

You will also learn about what steps we can take here in Wales to protect tropical forests overseas by changing what we buy and consume and become a Deforestation Free Nation.

This promises to be a very interesting evening and donations to the charity to help them achieve their aims would be welcomed.

It will be held from 7pm on Thursday, September 15, at St Augustine's Hall. The event is free to members of Penarth Civic Society and £2 for non members.