FIVE years ago, Radio Glamorgan gained one more enthusiastic member by the name of Jamie Pritchard.

At the time back in 2003 he was a student at Stanwell School in Penarth and very interested in the radio business.

Five years on, Jamie - who still attends Stanwell studying for his AS levels - is not just interested in the radio business, but he is also now very successful!

The local Hospital Radio DJ from Penarth presents three shows on the station's schedule - Friday evening with three other presenters and two shows on a Sunday which includes the stations flagship show The Chart.

Just last year, a day after his 16th birthday, he and his co-presenter John Wilce were awarded runners-up in the category of Best Presenter at the Radio Glamorgan's award ceremony.

Also in the same year he was awarded best show name and best feature for his show feature - Speedy Spoon Tunes game.

Then In 2007, He was awarded one better when Jamie (and John) were awarded Best Presenter of the Year and Jamie was also solely awarded for Best Specialist Show - Up-&-Rising which took place at the Point, Cardiff Bay in June last year, which Jamie organised himself.

Now in 2008, he has gained national success at the National Hospital Broadcasting Association awards which were held at the Queens Hotel in Leeds last Saturday (March 29) to launch the start of Hospital Broadcasting Week 2008.

Jamie entered his show Up-&-Rising into the category of Special Event for the National awards.

In February, the shortlist was announced and Radio Glamorgan were on the list of 10.

Last Saturday, Jamie and former chairman of the Station, Simon Field travelled up to Leeds to represent the station at the awards.

At the event, from thousands of entries from hundreds of Hospital Radio Stations across the UK, Radio Glamorgan were awarded Silver' for the event which was broadcast on Radio Glamorgan a few times throughout the summer.

The first ever piece of Silverware that the station has won nationally in its 41 year history!

Jamie, speaking at the event, said: "I am truly surprised! When they announced the shortlist back in February I thought we had a chance - but no way did I think we'd be second out of the entire country!"

Former Chairman Simon Field, who stood down as chairman only last week after 18 years in charge, was also pleased at the outcome.

The entry can be heard online at However The hard work doesn't stop there for young Jamie as his second attempt at Up-&-Rising takes place at the end of the month on April 27 - again raising money and awareness of Radio Glamorgan and Teenage Cancer Trust.

For more information visit Radio Glamorgan is registered charity number 504534 and is supported by the rotary clubs of Cardiff.