HUNDREDS of people got involved Vale of Glamorgan Walking Festival 2022.

Despite forecasts of heavy rain, thunder, and lightning, walkers only experienced a few short, sharp showers (and some distant thunder rumbles).

The festival - which ran from September 6 to September 11 - saw 350 people from all over Wales take part with 30 walks hosted across the Vale of Glamorgan, with one crossing the border to visit the battlefield at St Fagans.

Penarth Times:

Highlights of this year’s festival included:

  • A walk and visit to Gileston Manor with an invitation to tea, cake and a tour of the gardens and holiday accommodation;
  • A geologist-led trek along Penarth’s coastline,
  • History walks and a Welsh language walk;
  • A 14-mile walk from Barry to Peterston-super-Ely and back.

There was also ‘Blazing Deserts and Tropical Seas’ led by Chris Lee – attended by 31 people – which included insight into geology and paleontology.

Penarth Times:

He suggested that carnivorous dinosaurs in the Vale of Glamorgan probably lived in the uplands, now Steep Holm and Flat Holm, and roamed down to the blazing desert to hunt for prey.

Three Valeways circular walking routes were included in the festival programme:

  • There was ‘Church, College, and Lighthouse’ which featured the Heritage Coastal Path, the Nash Point lighthouses, St Donats Castle and Llantwit Major’s Church, Britain’s oldest seat of learning.
  • There was also ‘The Three Saints’ walk, which passed through two villages with ‘saint’ in their names then onto St Fagans’ battlefield, museum, and village.
  • The last was a trek which was from the ancient priory at Ewenny to the picturesque valley at Castle-upon-Alun. Although the river was dry this provided seating for a break on the stepping stones.

Penarth Times:

The annual event has encouraged some festival goers to join Valeways free walking programme to further explore the Vale of Glamorgan using its country footpaths.

Valeways offers an all-year free walking programme for all levels of ability and self-guided walking leaflets to enjoy the Vale’s countryside and coast.

To find out more about Valeways and the walks on offer across the Vale of Glamorgan visit

Next year’s Vale of Glamorgan Walking Festival is set to take place from September 5 and September 10, 2023.