A 73-YEAR-OLD man has woven Welsh and Roman history together to publish his first book.

John Pitts – a retired family doctor who grew up in Cardiff and has now returned to live in Penarth – has self-published his debut book: Rebellion. Carausius and Allectus - The Welshmen who stole the Roman Empire.

Published through Amazon the book - focused on two Welsh characters - is aimed at adults and blends history and fiction.

Penarth Times:

“Exploring my wife’s family history, which just went back and back, inspired this novel,” said Dr Pitts.

“It describes, and embellishes, a true event in third century Britain, building on other work that claims a Welsh origin for the central characters.

“I’ve not written a book before; it’s possible that I could write more.”

The book focuses on third century Roman occupation of relatively Romanised west Wales.

“Two cousins from ruling families are taken into Roman service, one into the military, the other sent to London,” said Dr Pitts.

“Ceris, who becomes known as Carausius, is from a family rich through seaborne trade and Xander (Romanised as Allectus) becomes his minister of finance.”

Penarth Times:

Carausius achieves military success and is put in charge of the Roman fleet charged with defeating pirate raiders but is accused of keeping the loot. When his execution is ordered he declares himself emperor, rebelling against Rome.

Initially he is supported by Allectus, but this all changes – to find out what happens next people can get a copy of Rebellion. Carausius and Allectus - The Welshmen who stole the Roman Empire.

The book is available - on Kindle or as a paperback - online at https://amzn.to/3flrBfq