THIS WEEK I’ve been at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

Conference is where members, delegates and elected representatives from across the country debate and discuss issues that can shape policy and decision-making. It’s also a chance to set out policy positions, and that’s particularly relevant as the new Prime Minister and Chancellor lead us into another Tory economic crisis.

Our Labour Leader Keir Starmer and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves set out a bold vision for a greener, fairer Britain, with responsible and stable economic and financial leadership, and with Britain as a force for good in the world, resolutely standing with Ukraine and standing up for global action on climate change, poverty and human rights.

What a contrast with the Tories. The pound is falling to levels never seen, prices are up, the cost of the weekly food shop is up, but people’s wages are not keeping up. On Friday the Chancellor had an opportunity to set out a serious response to the cost-of-living crisis. He failed.

Instead, we had a tax cut for the wealthiest 1%, increased bankers’ bonuses, and more than £50 billion piled onto the national debt every year because of their reckless decision to put all the costs onto borrowing, with inflation already high and interest rates rising.

Why should Cardiff South and Penarth constituents pay for tax cuts for the wealthy? It’s not what people voted for and it’s putting our economy in danger – and the reaction from financial markets was clear and immediate.

People across the country face a stark reality as we head into a winter of spiralling costs and real hardship.

While the Prime Minister spent months denying the need for action on energy prices, Labour was calling for a freeze on the price cap; Labour was calling for an end to the premium paid by families with pre-payment meters; Labour was calling for a windfall tax on the enormous profits made by oil and gas companies so that working people didn’t have to foot the bill.

But the Prime Minister is content to let energy giants pocket the cash, leaving our children and grandchildren to pick up the tab. Under these Tories, those with the broadest shoulders carry the lightest load – not by accident but by choice.

Labour will fight their plans at every step. It's time for a government that is on your side, a Labour government. We are ready.