AMONG the avalanche of international sporting events recently, one may have slipped under the radar.

The inaugral Over 60s Cricket World Cup recently took place in Australia - and one Penarth man headed out as part of the Wales squad.

Peter Docherty, 65, a former captain, chairman and president of Penarth Cricket Club and former captain of the over 50s Wales team travelled out with a Wales team comprised of players from all over the country, who hoped to not "be humiliated".

And there was no chance of that, as the team managed to finish an unexpected fifth place.

The Wales squad was made up of just 17 players with around seven games played in 12 days.

Penarth Times:

Even for the pros, that would be heavy going.

Pakistan eventually went on to win the competition, but for Wales to progress so far is cause for celebration. 

Mr Docherty said: "It was a really really good experience and really well run.

"We put ourselves against the best cricketers of our age around the world, there were a couple of former test players in the opposition.

"It was a pretty high standard, so we did really well.

"For us to finish fifth was way above our expectations.

"We just didn't want to be humiliated, it turned out far better than we thought and we certainly bowled and fielded as well as anybody.

"It was a fantastic honour and a big achievement for myself coming into the twilight of my career."