A PENARTH-BASED artist has created a short film set on nearby Flat Holm Island.

Georgina Biggs has created an interactive film, No Place Like (Flat) Holm, that will be shown at the Llais Festival at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff from Thursday, October 27 to Sunday, October 30.

Ms Biggs created this film with her disability led company SheWolf and it is based on a year-long residency on the island.

Ms Biggs and the SheWolf team worked on Flat Holm throughout 2022, supported by Cardiff Harbour Authority.

The film focuses on a lone woman in chronic pain living on the island for a year, with a strong environmental message.

The island itself is just as much of a character, with Flat Holm described as a microcosm of Wales' history.

The threat of climate change looms as Flat Holm is increasingly affected by rising sea levels.

This duet between one woman's struggle and the struggle of a landmass is intended to highlight the balance needed to preserve the health of both parties.

Ms Biggs said: "This project is about bodies in pain - human and the Earth - told in the context of an urgent climate crisis.

"I manage a chronic pain condition that incurs fatigue and mental health challenges.

"Like many disabled and neurodiverse people, every day I mitigate the risk and rewards of any social and physical actions.

"Similarly, the decisions we make about energy, waste, transport, and tourism all have an impact on Flat Holm’s fragile ecology.

"There is no easy fix for either.

"It’s all about balance, a relationship of care, and a deeper more attentive listening to what the body and Earth needs."

Flat Holm is about 6km away from Lavernock Point and operates as a tourist attraction, bird sanctuary and Site of Special Scientific Interest.

In the past, the building had military fortifications and a cholera isolation hospital - both now in ruin.

Described as "both brutal and beautiful" by the filmmakers, the island is home to a large number of gulls which inhabit the island between spring and summer.

The filmmakers noted the trips the gulls made to landfill on the mainland and the pellets of plastic and glass they would cough up.

The film was funded by the Lottery by Arts Council Wales and will be free to watch.

The 20-minute film will run on the hour and half hour between midday and 9pm each day of the festival.