A CLIMATE conversation will bring people together to help make Penarth a more sustainable town.

The event - which will be from 10am to midday at Penarth Pier Pavilion on Saturday, November 19 – aims to bring people together to share, learn, listen, and plan as a community.

Hosted by Penarth Growing Community the event invites local people to focus on what they can do together as a community to:

  • Reduce their carbon footprint;
  • Protect and increase biodiversity;
  • Make Penarth an even better place to live.

The Environment and Climate Change Committee states that 33 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions reductions up to 2035 require decisions by individuals and households to adopt low carbon technologies and choose low-carbon products and services, plus reduce carbon-intensive consumption.

The world is warmed than the pre-industrial period. Globally a third of food is wasted and a third of global emissions come from food and farming. One in six species in Wales are at risk of extinction, with 73 species already lost due to climate change and unsustainable human activities.

Around 40 per cent of the emissions reductions needed in Wales over the next 30 years are in areas such as agriculture and land use, buildings, heat, transport and waste management. A recent survey revealed most young people are worried and feel deeply anxious about climate change.

This event will look at how to help fight climate change on a local level. It is free to attend but people should register online at http://bit.ly/3Oeadqw

The event will coincide with Wales Climate Week which brings together individuals, communities, environmental groups, academics, businesses and the public sector for important conversation on climate change.

This year’s event will take place immediately after COP27 (the next ‘Conference of the Parties’ global climate summit being held in Egypt between November 7 and November 18)

A virtual conference will introduce the Welsh Government’s  ‘Strategy for Public Engagement and Action on Climate Change 2022-2026’.