PLANS to turn a former Methodist church in Penarth into offices has sparked concern among residents.

The long list of concerns over the change of use application for the former Albert Road Methodist Church includes the proposed removal of the building’s stained glass windows, the potential loss of privacy to nearby buildings and a potential increase in traffic and congestion.

If approved, the change of use application would allow for a mix of offices for over 100 people.

A report being brought before the council’s planning committee states that there would be offices for 18 people and “lifestyle” or “flexible” rooms for 52 people on the ground floor.

There would be offices for up to 58 people on the first floor. There are also plans for a community space in the basement.

Part of the former church has previously been converted to residential dwellings and would not be amended by the application.

As part of the proposed changes to the outside of the building, new double glazed windows would replace some of the existing windows.

The use of a terrace as part of the plan to alter the building caused “considerable concern” amongst local residents, “given the potential for overlooking, noise generation and light pollution”, according to the planning report.

Although use of the terrace area has been removed from the plans, the outside space which overlooks Jubilee Lane and the rear garden of the properties in Clive Place is part of the existing building and can still be accessed.

The council’s report on the application states: “In terms of noise generation, the proposed office use is a type of use that should be able

to be carried out in close proximity to residential properties without having a harmful impact on the amenity of surrounding residents, given that offices are not typically noisy or likely to be prejudicial to residential amenity.”

The report adds that whilst proposal “would have some impact on the character of the building and this part of Penarth Conservation Area”, it would “overall preserve the character of this County Treasure and Conservation Area and would provide an active beneficial economic use within it that would positively maintain the upkeep of the building”.

The council’s planning committee will meet to make a decision on the application on Wednesday December 21.