A WOMAN whose chronic pain was making life unbearable says she has a new lease on life after discovering a unique therapy.

Louise Downey was a chronic sufferer of trigeminal neuralgia/cluster headaches – a condition which caused her severe nerve and muscle pain that got “progressively worse”, with her struggling with it for a decade.

It impacted her work at Cardiff and Vale College, along with her quality of life, and she found that nothing she tried to relieve her symptoms helped.

“My brother Paul lives in Malaysia and had heard about Master Chia Electromagnetic Acupuncture (Without Needles) Therapy,” said Ms Downey.

“I was reluctant and sceptical at first, with having tried all other treatments and medicines prescribed by Doctors and Neurologist, with little relief, along with the 16-hour flight.”

Penarth Times:

But her brother and family persuaded her until she decided that she had “nothing to lose” and flew to Malaysia, where she received 15 days of treatment.

Following the fourth day of treatment she slept for an entire night – something her pain had not previously allowed. By the seventh day her zapping pains had disappeared and by day 11 the pressure in her head lifted.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,”  said the former sceptic.

“The treatment is amazing and, as I was pain free, I went into panic mode thinking that I was going to have to travel back and forth to Malaysia for treatment.”

She wanted to bring a machine back to Wales but was told that she would need the full training.

 “I’m part of Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK and had people following my story,” said Ms Downey.

“I updated them and said I was pain free and I learned that others wanted the treatment, but I wasn’t insured.”

Ms Downey decided to go for it – she left Cardiff and Vale College - where she said staff were “really supportive” - after 13 years and is now trained, qualified, and insured, along with being a member of the Complimentary Medical Association.

Penarth Times:

Ms Downey opened her own business, Nerve Connect on Minehead Avenue in Penarth, about a month before Covid hit [in March 2020].

This forced her to shut temporarily, but it has since reopened with Ms Downey recently returning from another trip to Malaysia to meet up with Master Chia and other therapists to share experiences and new treatments to continue her training.

“Starting a business wasn’t my intention at first; I did the training and bought the machine to treat myself,” admitted Ms Downey.

“It wasn’t planned but I absolutely love it, that I’m helping so many people, some who have been in pain for so long, with a variety of ailments – I’m helping people from all over the UK.”

“For this particular type of treatment Nerve Connect is the only place in the UK and Europe currently offering it.”

Penarth Times:

Nerve Connect offers a six in one treatment – which includes:

  • Electromagnetic Therapy;
  • Acupuncture (Without Needles);
  • Cupping;
  • Muscle Imbalance;
  • Deep Tissue Massage.

This helps the body to heal itself by reopening blocked Qi points, regenerating cells, releasing toxins, helping heal injured nerves, and increasing blood circulation around injured areas - reducing inflammation.

The “natural and non-invasive” treatment focuses on the whole body “because everything is connected” and sessions are 30-45 minutes long.

Penarth Times:

“I can relate to people facing long term and severe pain and understand the sense of frustration and helplessness often felt," added Ms Downey.

I also understand the scepticism with alternative medicine so offer a free consultation and trial of the treatment.

“Nothing is 100 per cent guaranteed to work – it depends on the damage and how your body reacts to the treatment.

"The treatment is particularly good for a variety of ailments and injuries causing muscle pain, nerve pain, inflammation, arthritis, posture, and helping the body heal.

“It feels different for everyone: most say it’s like pins and needles in the body, while some even compare it to an extremely strong tens machine.”

To find out more about Nerve Connect, and read real life testimonials to this holistic treatment, visit nerveconnect.co.uk