YOU’RE the parent of a child at her favourite dance class, waiting outside the hall the lesson is held in, and watch a tree fall onto the building - that was the horror scenario faced by some parents when a tree fell on a church in Penarth.

On Saturday, January 14, an oak tree fell on All Saints Church in Victoria Square, with around 15 children practicing dance inside through Anthea King School of dance.

Anthea’s daughter Alicia was taking the class, but it was Anthea who told us how parents must have been mortified as the tree fell on the building they knew their children were in.

“How scary must that have been for them!” said Anthea. “They rushed to the door to get inside and check on their loved ones.”

Anthea reassured us that no one was injured, in fact she said the kids were amazingly cool about the situation.

“Alicia was holding a ballet class for children aged between four and five,” Anthea explained. “They heard this noise, but did not know what it was then all of a sudden the tree hit the window.

“No one got hurt. The children remained so calm and were just taken on to the stage where they smiled and carried on.”

Penarth Times:

Around 15 children were in the church attending a dance class when the tree fell (Friends of Victoria Square)

Penarth Times:

(The tree tumbled down)

Rachel Elder, church administrator, said damage was caused to the building, including to the roof and some windows were smashed, but already scaffolding is up and repairs are taking place.

"It was a shock for everybody," said Ms Elder. "You do not expect a tree to fall on the building."

She went on to confirm some classes had been disrupted, with all those involved having been informed.

Penarth Times:

(The roof and windows of All Saints church were damaged, Friends of Victoria Square)

Penarth Times:

(The oak tree was estimated to be over 150 years old, Friends of Victoria Square)

Facebook group Friends of Victoria Square commended the Vale of Glamorgan Council Parks Department and tree servicing team for dealing with the situation quickly, saying the tree has already been cut up and processed.

They estimated by the rings of the trunk the oak was around 150 years old when it finally gave in to mother nature.

The group went on to say: “They always say that in crisis there is opportunity. For us it'll be a chance to better investigate and understand the fascinating nature of the square.”