IT IS "very disappointing" that the health board covering the Vale has not made clear the times and dates of a crucial public meeting, a town councillor has said.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board have scheduled a public meeting about their plans for the future of healthcare in Penarth tomorrow, March 30, at West House, Penarth, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

The “Shaping Our Future Wellbeing strategy” is Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s existing ten-year strategy launched back in 2015.

The strategy provides context to everything the health board does and sets out to address what the health board describe as “stark health inequities” which exist across communities, and to provide the very best health care services.

The health board say they “encourage everyone to attend public engagement sessions”. However Cllr Richard Cox, of Penarth Town Council’s Stanwell ward, says the board has not made it clear when this meeting is being held, and feels it could have been advertised better.

“The key thing is the way the health board are treating the citizens of Penarth as if they do not matter,” said Cllr Cox.

“It is very disappointing the health board have treated Penarth with such disrespect to call a meeting with just two days’ notice and the minimum of publicity.

“This will not give the health board a credible indicator of patients’ feelings in Penarth.”

Penarth Times:

Cllr Cox says the health board are showing people of the Vale disrespect

The health board is encouraging anyone able to attend the public consultations.  

“We are fast approaching the end of our Shaping Our Future Wellbeing strategy,” said the health board. “Now is a critical period as we seek to address both immediate and upcoming challenges.

“We are asking stakeholders, colleagues and the public to take part in workshops and events and provide their feedback so we can ensure that everyone plays a part in what our priorities and ambitions look like for the next ten years.”

Penarth Times:

The “Shaping Our Future Wellbeing strategy” is Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s existing ten-year strategy

Cllr Cox went on to reassure the public all councillors had their eyes on these events.

“To our electors,” said Cllr Cox, “I would like to tell them the town council is working very hard to protect their interests.”

Rescheduled due to snow, with initial feedback phase closed, say Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

A spokesperson for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board said: “Shaping Our Future Wellbeing is the strategy which gives us direction for the next decade.

"As the original strategy approaches the end of its ten years, the health board has been engaging with the public, colleagues and stakeholders to give us their thoughts on our mission, vision and purpose as well as their priorities for the Health Board. 

“Shaping Our Future Wellbeing has been widely publicised across social media, digital audio platforms and our website.

"We have been engaging with the third sector as well as the CHC to ensure we have a wide variety of viewpoints to help us improve our strategy.

"Everyone’s view is valued and we have been inviting everyone to participate, whether this is from filling in our surveys or attending our events for wider context on our strategy and why we are undergoing this engagement. 

“The Penarth event was rescheduled due to snow earlier in the month as the health and safety of our population is paramount.

"While the initial feedback phase of the engagement has closed, the health board felt it was necessary to reschedule for the people of Penarth to have an opportunity to have their say and will be taking their feedback on board.

"If anybody would like to help us shape the future of the Health Board, we would encourage them to attend our event at West House on March 30.” 

To find out more about when meeting are held by the health board go to