A CONTROVERSIAL housing development described as having the potential to “destroy a village”, has been blocked.

Between June and September 2022 landowners, developers, and other interested parties were invited to nominate 'Candidate Sites' for potential inclusion within the emerging Vale of Glamorgan Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP), which runs until 2036.

The plan sets out where new housing can be built in the area.

Initial plans to build 200 houses at Rhoose Point, followed potentially by a further 600, gardened 2,000 letters against the development from Rhoose Action Group in 2003.

At the time, a campaign manager feared Rhoose would turn into an urban sprawl.

"Once the Coastal Zone has been built on, it's gone forever,” said the manager. “We are going to engage and lobby all parties who are turning Rhoose into an urban sprawl."

Penarth Times:

The beautiful views from Rhoose

Rhoose housing plan fails stage one of the Vale of Glamorgan Replacement Local Development Plan

More than ten hectares of land to the south of Rhoose station were being considered for housing - but this will now not be going ahead.

A council document set out why the site would not be approved for development.

Penarth Times:

The site promoter has no more interest in the land

It said: “The site promoter has confirmed that they no longer have an interest in this land, and will not be submitting any further information in respect of it.

“Therefore, the site will not be considered further and has been ruled out at Stage one.”