THE narrative “the high street is dying” is getting old, and it’s a line that has been used to describe Penarth - as well as many other town centres in the UK.

But now the town is fighting back with an innovative way to fill its large empty shops by using indoor markets.

When Kitchener and Thomas Ltd vacated the town last year, after half a century on the market, it left a vast space on Windsor Road that, up to now, has been a blot on the town’s high street.

But now a new pop-up shop market has opened inside the building - and there’s room for more shops in it.

Owners of the property are now offering spaces for businesses to use to sell their wears in physical form, without the need to take out a massive lease on a shop.

This was precisely what attracted Pushp Kumar, technical director of Pro-Algo Software Solutions.

Mr Kumar is offering 3D printing services in the shop and says he needs the space to be able to exhibit what he can do.

“I started in the lockdown and go through FB marketing, but my stock can only be appreciated when they are seen,” said Mr Kumar.

Mr Kumar will be in the store every Saturday, from 10am to 5pm, for anyone with 3D printing needs.

Penarth Times:

The pop-up market had a trial run in September last year

‘We want to inject life into Penarth’

Blayze Fashion used to have a shop on Glebe Street but gave it up when lockdown hit.

Owner Jacquie said she was waiting for a place just like this to get back out there and start selling.

"Someone got in touch with me on FB and said they know a landlord looking for Christmas pop-ups, so we did it September and October last year," she said.

Penarth Times:

Pushp Kumar says it's been a big help to his business

Penarth Times:

The market currently has fashion, jewellry and accessories and 3D printing services

Jacquie explains that now the idea is to run through spring up until June, and she is looking for other businesses to come in and help fill the space - rates include rent, bills and insurance.

"You can come in for a day, two days, a full week, it’s up to you," said Jacquie, who went on to explain that the idea was to help give Penarth a lift.

“Penarth is very quiet at the moment and we want to inject some new life into it and get people coming into Penarth,” she said.

Penarth Times:

This trial runs until June

Penarth Times:

The shop is looking for more businesses to get involved

‘It’s great’

For Mr Kumar, who previously printed 3D bobbles for RNLI volunteers as gifts over Christmas, he said the facility is great.

“I wanted to remain local and I wanted a space to present,” said Mr Kumar. “This is great.”

To get involved or if you want to book a space contact