A DOG has been given one final chance after being dangerously out of control in the popular Cosmeston Lakes county park near Penarth.

Families, dog walkers, runners and bird watchers all use the popular park which is famous for its tranquil setting and its lake where you can feed the swans.

However, on January 13, it was not so tranquil as Julie Reynolds was in charge of an out of control American Bulldog/Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross, which injured a user of the park.

Now her dogs, Bobby and Clay, have been given one final chance to behave or be destroyed.

At Cardiff Magistrates Court on April 11, Reynolds, of Fieldview Close, Cogan, pleaded guilty to one charge of being a person in charge of dog dangerously out of control causing injury. Now her dogs are under the strictest of measures.

Bobby and Clay are to be fitted with a muzzle and the muzzle in question must be a secure basket-type muzzle, sufficient to prevent biting.

The lead the dogs are walked on must be a fixed lead no longer than 1.5metres and Reynolds, 56, must ensure anyone caring for the dogs comply with all the conditions otherwise they will be destroyed subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Reynolds was also fined £350, made to pay costs of £85 and a surcharge of £140.