A RARE black fox is currently on the loose in a South Wales town.

Extraordinary images show the black fox roaming the streets of Barry.

Now the RSPCA and the Vale Council’s animal warden want the public to notify them if they see it so they can return it to safety.

Black foxes – or the official term “silver foxes” – are domesticated in the UK, bred as an exotic pet.

It is believed the current black fox on the loose has escaped where it was living with its owner.

The silver fox is the captive subspecies of the North American red fox.

In North America foxes have colour variations, with 10 per cent being black, while 45 per cent are cross foxes. The remaining populations are red foxes.

In some cases people breed only black litters to make totally black foxes.

Breeds of fixes can come in an incredible 70 different colours.

Penarth Times:

A rare black fox has been spotted in Barry. Image Emma Thomas 

‘There needs to be requirements on breeding and owning black foxes’

Incredibly, in the UK, there are currently no requirements or restrictions to breeding and owning black foxes.

Hayley De Ronde, who runs website blackfoxes.co.uk, believes there needs to be controls put in place on the breeding and ownership of the black fox.

Penarth Times:

The fox is roaming the streets of Barry, with the RSPCA looking for it. Photo Donna Marie Wilson

Can you help find Barry’s black fox?

Vale Council’s animal warden is currently searching for the black fox and anyone who has seen it is asked to contact them.

Ms De Ronde advises that if people do see the fox, do not approach it, instead call the animal warden.

Ms De Ronde said while black foxes are tame, they might try and bite if you attempt to capture it.

If you see the fox call the animal warden directly on 0300 1236696. Only call if the fox is present at that time. Or you can contact the RSPCA emergency line on 0300 1234 999, if out of hours, (reference: 01052661).

For more information on black foxes go to www.blackfoxes.co.uk.