A FATHER-AND-SON drug dealing duo in Penarth were handed suspended prison sentences at Cardiff Crown Court

Dominic Sleeman, 60, and his son Ieuan, 25, were a cannabis-dealing duo operated at street-level in what judge, recorder Greg Bull KC, described as "two men out to make a profit".

When police raided the Sleeman’s house in Windsor Road on November 26, 2020, they found more than £6,000 worth of cash and drug paraphernalia purporting to dealing.

They also found 25 large vacuum bags with traces of cannabis in them.

Vacuum bags, scales and cash fell out of wardrobes and cupboards as police searched the property, and officers also found Ieuan with £300 worth of cocaine on his person.

It was revealed Ieuan was what could be described as a enthusiastic cannabis smoker, smoking “20 to 30 joints” a day, and was able to afford this habit while not working and not being on benefits.

Penarth Times:

Ieuan could smoke up to 30 joints a day, the court was told

Phones were seized and searched with messages containing drug terminology of dealing cannabis sent to a mysterious ‘H’.

And in interview Dominic Sleeman seemed to attempt to romanticise the venture, describing him and his son as “cannabis connoisseurs”.

However, at Cardiff Crown Court on April 14, Mr Bull did not see the pair as connoisseurs, but for what they were – street dealing drug dealers.

“You were a father and son who together were street level deals for cannabis and you made a profit out of it,” said Mr Bull. “There was profit to be made and profit was made, with £6,000 of cash found.”

Penarth Times:

Father Dominic described him and his son as “cannabis connoisseurs” in police interview

Mr Bull did note the length of time it had taken to sentence the pair, with the sentence hanging over their heads for 17 months - with no occurrence of any reoffending.

At Cardiff Crown Court on March 17, Dominic pleaded guilty to one count of being in possession of cannabis with intent to supply, while Ieuan pleaded guilty to one count of being in possession of cannabis with intent to supply and one count of being in possession of cocaine.

Dominic and Ieuan were both handed six-month prison sentences suspended for 18 months.

For the possession of cocaine, Ieuan was handed a one month prison sentence, also suspended.

Both men were made to do 150 hours unpaid work.

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