REPORTS of anti-social behaviour at a Vale beauty spot have forced its custodians to shut a car park to the public.

Woodland Trust Cymru said the car park at Cwm George and Casehill Woods, in Dinas Powys, would be shut "until further notice".

The trust said "vandalism and anti-social behaviour" had been reported recently at the site.

Cwm George and Casehill Woods are described as "lush woodlands" and a "perfect place for history buffs" to visit.

Penarth Times: Lush woods in Dinas Powys could be harder to access after the car park was closedLush woods in Dinas Powys could be harder to access after the car park was closed (Image: Google Maps)

News of the closure was met with dismay by one visitor, who said on Twitter: "Is penalising those of us that use it really the solution?

"Might it be more appropriate to close the car park in the evenings. The car park barrier does not prevent access for those intent on anti-social behaviour."

More trouble in Dinas Powys?

In February we reported the extent of the crime and drug taking in the sought after town of Dinas Powys had got so bad that chickens were getting stoned, according to residents.

Others said the town had gone to the dogs as locals attended an emergency meeting with police about a spate of issues in the area.

It was described by Sergeant Samantha Johnson, of South Wales Police, as one of the biggest turnouts she’d seen in 18 years on the force as almost 50 residences turned up at Dinas Powys library on January 30 to speak to officers about what they are seeing happening.

Concerns included:

  • Assaults
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Urinating in the open on platforms at the local train station
  • And a woman’s chickens becoming high on drugs

One of the meeting attendees said elderly residents he had spoken to were scared to report crimes as youths ran amock.

This included the shockingly brazen incident of a gang of masked youths walking up people's driveways attempting to break into cars – one car allegedly had cash stolen from it.

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