IT almost didn’t happen for Sully’s Hana Lily when her dad thought an email from Coldplay to support them at their mega Cardiff gig was a scam.

Thankfully she did reply and absolutely rocked it as one of the support acts in the sell-out gigs at the Principality Stadium.

Hana played both nights, warming up Coldplay fans before Chris Martin and co jumped on stage roaring hits such as Viva La Vida and Miss You.

Hana told BBC Radio Wales’ Claire Summers it might not have happened, if she'd listened to her dad…

“I got an email from Coldplay’s team asking if I wanted to support them in Cardiff,” said Hana. “At first my dad thought it was a scam and I was like I will answer just in case...”

From that email, Hana played what she described as the most “insane” gig of her life. She tried to describe the atmosphere, but said it hadn’t sunk in yet.

“It was so surreal,” Hana said. “I still do not think it has sunk in, but then I catch myself and think that was absolutely insane!”

One thing Hana did appreciate was being on stage with her best friends; her bandmates.

Hana explained: “I was just really excited to go on and make the most of that moment of being on stage with the band and we are such good friends it was just brilliant."

Penarth Times: Hana said it was fantastic being on stage with her bandmatesHana said it was fantastic being on stage with her bandmates (Image: Hana Lily)

We did have a chat to Hana over the phone after the gig and despite Hana being on the cusp of stardom, she’s still a Sully girl at heart, saying she loves coming back and gave a special shoutout to the One Stop!

It’s clear Coldplay care. Not only did they leave Hana a bottle of champagne and a thank you card for supporting them, the band give opportunities to local artists to support them on their gigs wherever they play.

"It is a testament to them as a band to give a chance to local artists,” said Hana. “For me, it’s the ability to take songs I have written in my bedroom then perform them on stage like that in front of so many people, it is just so surreal.”

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