WHY would anyone do such a thing, especially to the beloved RNLI?

On August 8, an act of mindless vandalism saw the iconic big yellow boot at RNLI Barry Visitor Centre damaged.

Photos show the boot turned over and in a sorry state on its side.

Police are investigating the incident, issuing a statement.

The RNLI centre say they were sad to see the boot in such a sorry state, but were determined to get it back.

Penarth Times: The big yellow welly was damaged. Police are appealing for informationThe big yellow welly was damaged. Police are appealing for information (Image: Facebook)

A spokesperson for RNLI said: "Sadly, due to vandalism by persons unknown, our iconic big yellow crew welly has had to be taken down and removed.

"The incident has been reported to the police, but hey, we'll soon have it repaired and put back for locals and visitors to enjoy."

Police have CCTV footage, but are unable to identify the culprits. They are now looking at further footage.

A spokesperson said: "South Wales Police is investigating a report of criminal damage to the yellow boot outside the RNLI premises at Barry Island.

"The incident happened overnight and was reported on Tuesday, August 8.

"While the suspects are not identifiable from the initial CCTV footage, officers are checking other cameras in the area."

Police went on to praise the RNLI for their work.

"The RNLI do a fantastic job helping to keep everyone safe and it’s a real shame that anyone would think of causing some mindless damage.

"Anyone with information is asked to contact us by one of the following means quoting reference 264059."