A BRIDGE in Penarth will remain closed - for good!

The swing bridge at Penarth Marina is to remain closed as it cannot operate safely without causing a noise nuisance.

Vale councillor Ruba Sivagnanam says the bridge should remain closed to protect people.

Maintained and operated by Quay Marinas, the bridge must emit an audible warning when it's raised or lowered in order to comply with regulations.

However, the volume required would constitute a noise nuisance for nearby residents so such a system cannot be implemented.

In May 2016, the operators of the swing bridge linking the two halves of Penarth Marina closed the bridge.

In 2019, Penarth Marina and Haven Residents Association sent a letter to the Vale Council expressing concerns over the closure of the bridge, saying "there is nothing mechanically wrong with the bridge".

Since then, multiple experts have explored using a range of systems in an effort to reopen the bridge, but this has proved unsuccessful as none could function within accepted noise levels.

It means the bridge will be closed permanently.

Penarth Times: The bridge will remain closed for goodThe bridge will remain closed for good (Image: Supplied)

Cllr Sivagnanam, cabinet member for community engagement, equalities and regulatory services, said the bridge needed to be closed to protect the public. 

Cllr Sivagnanam said: “In order for the swing bridge to operate safely, a loud alarm must be sounded when it is opened or shut to alert pedestrians and cyclists.

“Unfortunately, despite thorough investigation, it is not possible to introduce such a system without causing a significant disturbance to residents living in the vicinity.

“Assessments carried out by council officers indicated these people would be significantly affected by such an alarm and that this would constitute a noise nuisance.

“To protect these people, and the wider public means this bridge cannot reopen.”

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