IN AN extraordinary interview, Harry Danter - son of Barry Pleasure Park owner Henry - says there was nothing in Barry until the Danters came along.

There has been huge backlash to plans by Henry Danter to build a holiday camp on land he owns at Hayes Road – next to Ty Hafan childrens hospice.

However, the family continues to pursue land to develop the camp after Mr Danter claimed he was willing to sink £20 million into creating short-term holiday lets for up to 600 families.

One of the sites that interests Mr Danter is the Vale Council car park at Nell’s Point.

Previously, the council’s deputy leader, Cllr Bronwen Brooks, said the site was not for sale - despite rumours companies have got their hands on the land for development in the past.

Now, Mr Danter’s son has asked a simple question - if the camp can't be built at Nell’s Point, where can it be built?

Harry Danter, 29, argued Hayes Road could work and said people should be open to the idea.

“In Hayes Road there is a beautiful sea view,” said Harry.

“There are houses on both sides of Ty Hafan, so it’s not like it’s a place that is unpopulated.

“If the question is on having the holiday park there, I think it will work. It’s because it’s a new idea, people are like ‘I do not like that’.”

The Danter’s supposed preferred site for the holiday park is said to be the car park at Nell’s Point, but Harry Danter says for some reason the council will not speak to them – something he feels they need to do for the interests of the town.

“Pre-Covid we could have 70,000 people to Barry in a day,” said Harry.

“You do not have to be a brain surgeon to realise the holiday park needs to be by the beach. But if the council is not willing to sell (the car park) where do we build it?”

Harry Danter went on to say the pleasure park has brought a lot to Barry.

“When I first came here I was 19 and there was nothing,” he said. “You couldn’t get a drink here. You could get nothing. In winter you could do nothing. And if you could not drive you could not do anything.

“Now, we keep our amusement park going all year round.”

Penarth Times: Harry (right) with father Henry wants to speak with the Vale CouncilHarry (right) with father Henry wants to speak with the Vale Council (Image: Newsquest)

Penarth Times: Henry Danter wants a holiday park on his land in SullyHenry Danter wants a holiday park on his land in Sully (Image: Vilis Paul Kuksa)

On the Danter’s relationship with the council, Harry said the family don’t understand why it has got to where it has.

“No one is speaking to us,” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense. We feel there is no communication with the council.

“If they are interested in the future of Barry, they should be pestering us. The potential for Barry Island is massive.”

Penarth Times: The holiday camp (right box) could be built next to Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice (left box)The holiday camp (right box) could be built next to Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice (left box) (Image: Google Maps)

Penarth Times: Henry Danter says he's ready to sink £20million into proposed holiday camp plansHenry Danter says he's ready to sink £20million into proposed holiday camp plans (Image: Newsquest)

In a statement issued by Cllr Brooks back in June, the council deputy leader stated the car park at Nell’s Point was not for sale.

“The Nell's Point site is not currently for sale,” said Cllr Brooks. “It is being used as a car park and this meanwhile use will continue until the council’s Barry Place Making work determines the long-term future of this land.

“Any future development opportunities would be marketed openly to enable any interested parties to bid for the land."

We’ve contacted the council for an update on Mr Danter’s Hayes Road holiday camp planning application and whether the car park at Nell’s Point remains off-limits.

What do you think?

Is Harry Danter right? Has the pleasure park made Barry Island better? Has the Danters made a difference to Barry and its economy? Could Hayes Road work as a site for a holiday camp? Should the car park at Nell’s Point be sold to Mr Danter so he can turn it into a holiday camp, or is it needed for parking?

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