WARNING: This article contains information and pictures you may find upsetting

A CAT rescued with horrific injuries is believed to have been tortured.

Tony was rescued on Thursday, August 10, after a prolonged campaign to catch the cat.

When the vets finally got their hands on him, they were shocked at the extent of his injuries.

Tony had a gaping wound on his neck, his paws were wounded and bloodied, and he was minus his tail - which it is believed was not removed surgically.

The cat had cigarette burns on his testicles, his whiskers had been cut off and there was also an air gun pellet found lodged in his chest.

Tony is said to be terrified of humans and trembles when someone touches him.

With such an extensive list of injuries, it’s also being considered Tony was attacked or savaged.

Penarth Times: Tony suffered horrendous injuriesTony suffered horrendous injuries (Image: Supplied)

Tony is also suffering serious illness.

His immune system is severely compromised, his body is unable to fight infection or heal wounds, his skin just tears with the smallest of scratches and X-Rays show he suffers an advanced disease of the bone which is extremely painful, and for which there is no cure.

Penarth Times: His paws were wounded and bloodiedHis paws were wounded and bloodied (Image: Supplied)

Penarth Times: Tony had a gaping wound on his neckTony had a gaping wound on his neck (Image: s)

Carol Cambell, volunteer at SHUA animal sanctuary, which rescued Tony, explained his capture.

“We were notified about Tony approximately two months ago with what looked like a burst abscess injury,” said Ms Campbell.

“The neighbours and hairdressers along with Shua have been trying to catch him, but he was very elusive.

“On Thursday, August 10, in the evening, Shua volunteers went to set up a trap in a neighbour's garden at Newlands Street, Barry, and we saw Tony hobble across the road under cars.

"We had a net and followed him down into a lane where he was captured and rushed to our vet who did emergency surgery for two hours.”

Penarth Times: Tony is believed to be six or sevenTony is believed to be six or seven (Image: Supplied)

Watch the video of Tony in recovery, below

Penarth Times: Tony was living as a stray, but he has been brought up as a fully domesticated petTony was living as a stray, but he has been brought up as a fully domesticated pet (Image: Supplied)

Ms Campbell could not understand how people could be so cruel.

She said: “How could somebody shoot a defenceless animal, let alone an elderly sick and injured pet cat?

“Tony is not feral. He may have been living as a stray, but he has been brought up as a fully domesticated pet.”

Penarth Times: An air gun pellet found lodged in his chestAn air gun pellet found lodged in his chest (Image: Supplied)

Ms Campbell thanked the community for their support as thousands has been raised for Tony’s care. Despite this he has had a leg amputated.

“We are concentrating on trying to clear his current infection while controlling his pain,” added Ms Campbell.

“He is under close veterinary care and being looked after in one of our hospital cabins here at Shua.

“Through our Facebook page, Shua community chat and Shua trust home and sanctuary, our wonderful supporters have donated £1400 towards his care.”

To go to the Shua Facebook page, click here.