A FORMER Penarth man who lived in the town for 20 years was among the victims of a horror smash in West Wales last weekend.

Dan Staniforth, his partner Emma, and friends were on a campsite in Newgale when a speeding vehicle crashed and collided with the tent they were in, landing on top of Dan and Emma.

Miraculously their little boy Sonny escaped injury, but Dan and Emma were not so lucky, suffering serious injury.

A fundraiser for Dan and his family has been set up, which can be accessed here.

The fundraiser tells Dan’s story.

Penarth Times:

"Dan, being a very keen surfer and a huge part of the surfing community, has suffered very serious injuries," it said.

"He has undergone surgery for a ruptured bladder and now faces further operations to repair his broken pelvis.

"Emma will also need skin graft surgery to her injuries as she suffered burns from being trapped under the car.

"Emma now has the burden of regularly travelling from Pembrokeshire (where her extended family live) to Porthcawl (where she and Dan live) and to Cardiff where Dan is in hospital and will be for some time.

"He is obviously facing an extended period of recovery from his injuries.

"Dan is a gardener by trade which is a labour-intensive job.

"This incident has placed a financial strain on the family through no fault of their own, which only increases the stress of dealing with their trauma and injuries.

"We've set up this page as there's a strong desire in our community to help out.

"We firmly believe that we can alleviate some of Dan and Emma's stress by offering just a couple of pounds each.

"It's in times like these that our surf community comes together to help a fellow surfer in need.

"Those of you who know Dan and Emma will understand why we are raising this money.

"Their son is just a little bundle of joy too, so let's just see if we can make their healing process a little easier and a little more stress-free."