A MEMBER of the cast of Gavin and Stacey was in south Wales over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Neil the Baby looks unrecognisable as he was spotted outside Gavin and Stacey’s house on Trinity Hill, in Barry.

Neil, real name Oscar Hartland, was in town showing friend and fellow Voice the Kids contestant Danny Bretherton where they used to film the series.

Hartland, from Caerphilly, is back in Wales for a well-deserved break after competing in The Voice Kids.

He entered the show through his rock band Redwood City, which he is lead singer of, but the people of Barry know him best as Nessa and Smithy’s baby Neil, and how Neil has changed…

Now, 14, Hartland towered over local Nessa impersonator Karyn Barrett after a massive coincidence in the pair meeting.

Penarth Times: A nice moment when Neil the Baby met Nessa impersonator KarynA nice moment when Neil the Baby met Nessa impersonator Karyn (Image: Karyn Barrett)

Ms Barrett, 45, does Gavin and Stacey tours on Dave’s buses in the area and during one of the tours she spotted Hartland and Bretherton outside Gavin and Stacey’s house.

Ms Barrett said she did a double take, then, couldn’t believe her baby was there!

“As we arrived on Trinity Hill I was telling the tour goers, ‘follow Oscar on TikTok and maybe he’ll give me a shout-out’, then we’re outside the house and I’m explaining a bit about the show and I look to my left and I’m like ‘oh my God! Is that Neil the Baby!?’”

Ms Barrett said Hartland was a great sport on meeting his fake mum impersonator as the pair filmed a little sequence of them doing some classic Gavin and Stacey lines.

Watch the video below of Neil the Baby all grown up in Barry

“He is such a lovely guy,” said Ms Barrett. “He’s really funny and so much older than his years. He’s a very good guy and was happy to do some filming with us. He was a really good sport.”

Penarth Times: Neil the Baby, real name Oscar Hartland, was apparently a joy to meetNeil the Baby, real name Oscar Hartland, was apparently a joy to meet (Image: Karyn Barrett)

Penarth Times: Neil the baby with Smithy in the hit showNeil the baby with Smithy in the hit show (Image: Gavin and Stacey)

Then, in a shocking twist to the story, when asked whether baby Neil had mentioned to Ms Barrett about a new series of Gavin and Stacey, she cryptically replied: “I cannot tell you anything he might have, or have not revealed to me when we were talking.”

The revelation comes as Gavin and Stacey stars Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb revealed they were keen to do another Gav and Stace Christmas Special when they were filming their three-part road trip series From Billericay to Barry, which recently premiered on Gold TV.

Penarth Times: Karyn is a local Nessa impersonatorKaryn is a local Nessa impersonator (Image: Supplied)

Despite remaining tight-lipped on whether she knows about any future episodes of Gavin and Stacey, Ms Barrett said it was great meeting her fake son.

“It was an absolute treat for me to meet him. He is just really lovely.”

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