RNLI Penarth’s annual Yellow Welly Treasure Hunt returned to the town this month and was a huge success.

The winners of the Yellow Welly Treasure Hunt were presented with their prizes at the Penarth RNLI Lifeboat Station on Thursday, September 7.

Six-year-old Louie Thomas and nine-year-old James Kemp were the winners of the treasure hunt and were presented with their prizes.

James' mum, Liz said: “We really enjoyed the treasure hunt and even found some shops that we didn’t know existed.”

Over 60 shops and offices throughout the town were involved in the event, one shop front office found the event a nice distraction to their day commenting: ‘It’s been lovely seeing the kids peering through the office windows.’

Not only locals were enjoying the event, but visitors were too.

A visitor on holiday from Newcastle said: “This was a lovely activity on our Welsh holiday. Johnny loved spotting the wellies and practising his numbers. Thank you!

The event was a great success with children, local businesses and especially parents in providing something that engages the community.

Louie’s mum Laura said: “It was really engaging and fun, it killed a lot of time during the bad weather.”

A parade is planned for next spring to celebrate 200 years of the RNLI. The RNLI representatives are looking forward to the station's next engagement with the local businesses, schools, and community.

The parade through the town will take place on Monday, March 2024.