THERE’RE concerns tax payments will rise for hundreds of residents in a Vale town.

Residents of Sully and Lavernock could be transferred to a Cosmeston Ward which would come under the auspices of Penarth Town Council.

The Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales is undertaking a review of the Vale of Glamorgan Principal Council areas, with a consultation period closing in October.

Under the proposals, almost 700 electors could be transferred from Lavernock to form Cosmeston.

Currently, residents of Penarth Town Council pay a precept of £84.98 a year.

Jon Dewis, who has been a resident of Lavernock for four decades claims these proposals are about Penarth Council taking taxes from Lavernock residents.

“This proposal to transfer residents of Lavernock and Cosmeston to Penarth Town Council will mean an increase in council tax payments for hundreds,” said Mr Dewis.

“The boundary changes are not about providing extra local facilities, but all about how much council tax Penarth Town Council can get from Lavernock and Cosmeston residents while providing no extra provisions to residents.”

Penarth Town Council hit back saying many residents in Lavernock use the council's services for which they get no extra funds.

A council spokesperson said: “The reality is that many residents of Lavernock already use the services and infrastructure of Penarth for which the town council has not received any additional funding.” 

Penarth Times: Changes to the Lavernock Ward, moving to CosmestonChanges to the Lavernock Ward, moving to Cosmeston (Image: Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales)Penarth Times: Changes to PenarthChanges to Penarth (Image: Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales)

The council went on to say the changes are still to be agreed and there is a way to go before they are implemented.

The spokesperson added: “We do not anticipate these changes, if agreed, to take effect until May 2027 after the next local elections.”

Penarth Times: Penarth TC say residents are using their services with no additional feesPenarth TC say residents are using their services with no additional fees (Image: Google Maps)Penarth Times: Residents could be moving from Lavernock and SullyResidents could be moving from Lavernock and Sully (Image: Lavernock and Sully Community Council)

Vale of Glamorgan Council has reminded residents they can have their say on the consultation process up to the end of October.

“Residents had a chance to share their views during a consultation exercise that ran from late January to early March after which initial proposals were drawn up.

“There is now a second chance for interested parties to have their say as another consultation period, open until 30 October, launched recently.”

What do you think? Is this a council grab at more funds? Is it right Lavernock residents should pay to Penarth Town Council if they use their services? Are you a resident who could be affected by the changes? Let us know in comments, on the Penarth Times Facebook page, or email

See the proposals, here