A TORNADO or “twister” was caught hovering over the English Channel.

In an incredible photo by Damien Jones, a twister is caught off the coast from Penarth.

Mr Jones was fishing with his son and niece at 6pm when he took the amazing photo.

He was cool as custard about it, saying he had seen a few this year, but the kids were shocked.

Mr Jones explained: “I took the picture while fishing at Penarth seafront with my 7-year-old son and 11-year-old niece.

My son and niece were very shocked as they had not seen them before, so there was an air of excitement to it for them.

“For me, I've seen a few this year while out fishing, but that was the first I'd seen from Penarth seafront.”

Penarth Times: The amazing shot was taken from Penarth seafrontThe amazing shot was taken from Penarth seafront (Image: Damien Jones)

A tornado forms from thunderstorms.

Inside thunderclouds, warm, humid air rises, while cool air falls, along with rain or hail.

These conditions can cause spinning air currents inside the cloud.

Talking about clouds, there are a lot about at the moment as Hurricane Lee, which hit the US and eastern Canada, moves across the UK from Tuesday to Thursday.

There has been a weather waring in place for swathes of Wales north to south for heavy rain which runs until Wednesday 6pm.

Penarth Times: There were two funnels, with this one the biggerThere were two funnels, with this one the bigger (Image: Damien Jones)

Mr Jones said there were in fact two “funnels” and you had to be quick to catch them.

“There where two funnels which formed,” said Mr Jones.

“The picture taken was the bigger of the two which made it to the water, but finished as quick as it landed.

“The second twister was half the size of the one pictured.”

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