A WOMAN has maintained her five-stone weight loss for fifteen years despite gaining a stone during lockdown.

Kath Thorne-Thomas has lost more than 5.5 stone since joining the group in 2008 and has maintained this into her early 50s.

Despite a relapse during the coronavirus lockdown and gaining one stone in weight, she has managed to remain at her target weight of just below ten stone.

She told The Penarth Times that her journey has inspired others in her Penarth groups and wants to send the message that it is possible to maintain weight once reaching the target.

“Slimming World has supported me in managing my weight and keeping me in touch of my target for 15 years, the message of keeping weight off for life to others is a strong one for me.

Penarth Times: Before and after her weight loss. Picture: Kath Thorne-ThomasBefore and after her weight loss. Picture: Kath Thorne-Thomas (Image: Kath Thorne-Thomas)Before and after her weight loss. Picture: Kath Thorne-Thomas 

“Apart from the few small dips out during lockdown, I have been at Target for fifteen years and I feel much healthier, and I am a lot more active.

“I was inspired by an amazing consultant, who inspired me to look into the role of becoming my own consultant to inspire others with my journey.”

Ms Thorne-Thomas weighed fifteen-stone and was wearing XL clothing in her late 20s, which had an impact on her mental health.

She would snack on comfort food such as fish and chips, burgers, chocolate, cheese and cake before joining the group.

Penarth Times: Kath receives her team developer award. Picture: Kath Throne-ThomasKath receives her team developer award. Picture: Kath Throne-Thomas (Image: Kath Thorne-Thomas)Kath received her team developer award. Picture: Kath Thorne-Thomas 

Now, she still eats her favourites, but in a healthier way.

She added: “I suffer from severe Asthma, and I still suffer but not as much as I did when I had that extra weight and since losing the weight I can exercise better.

“I also go to the gym and do things that I would never done before.”

Inspired by her own story, she opened a second Slimming World group in Penarth last June.