THE VALE Council are in the process of serving house-building companies with a court injunction stopping them selling homes until they complete crucial infrastructure works on their developments.

In August, council leader Lis Burnett said the Vale Council were preparing to hold the Waterfront Consortium, made of Persimmon Homes, Barrett and Taylor Whimpey, to task over their failure to complete roads and green spaces on their developments round Barry Docks.

On Monday, September 18, a public meeting was held at the Academy Bar at the Old Pumphouse where hundreds of consortium customers vented their anger at the council for the slow response to the building companies’ alleged behaviour.

One resident described how roads were like a “rally course” and looked in dismay at Cllr Burnett, council chief exec Rob Thomas and a host of councillors, asking which one of them will stand up for the people of Barry.

In response, Mr Thomas and co dropped the bombshell saying an injunction to prevent any more house sales was imminent and could be served on the consortium as soon as the beginning of October.

One councillor claimed the council could even go down the route of pursuing the consortium under the Proceeds of Crime Act for profits made on unfinished estates.

Penarth Times: Residents showed for a public meeting on MondayResidents showed for a public meeting on Monday (Image: Newsquest)

Some of the key issues irate residents were fuming about included very little progress made on green spaces and parks, and roads remaining in a partially completed state.

Several areas of public space, including children’s play areas, need attention, as does land approved for a park at East Quay, which currently contains a mound of earth.

A green area at the Cliff Top, near Barry Island Primary School, is still to be created, while the standard of open space in other areas is poor.

Safety improvements are also needed on a section of road along Ffordd Y Millennium before the council can take responsibility for it.

Penarth Times: A Vale Council, inlcuding Lis Burnett and Rob Thomas, trying to take control of the situationA Vale Council, inlcuding Lis Burnett and Rob Thomas, trying to take control of the situation (Image: Newsquest)

Planning committee member councillor Nic Hodges said planning will look on the consortium with distain if building standards are not met, while Mr Thomas attempted to reason with people explaining the consortium want the project finished to get out of Barry and the longer they are stuck there the more money they will lose.

Penarth Times: Residents noted down their concernsResidents noted down their concerns (Image: Newsquest)

A spokesperson for the consortium said they will continue to deliver a detailed programme of works providing regular progress updates to all parties involved.

Penarth Times: The Waterfront say they will notify the residents of when improvements are completeThe Waterfront say they will notify the residents of when improvements are complete (Image: Newsquest)

Cllr Burnett claimed the consortium was acting with “indifference” towards delivering the community facilities they are committed to.

“The council has lost all patience with this group of developers after a string of broken promises.

“Legal proceedings are continuing which we hope will prevent any more houses being sold until the consortium fulfils its obligations.

“Currently, Persimmon, Barratt and Taylor Wimpey are in breach of legal agreements as well as local and national government polices around placemaking.”

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