A PENARTH boatowner - and fierce critic of Wales' new default 20mph speed limit - has had his protest plans scuppered by the wind.

Jeff Tree, 80, of Penarth, was ready to take his flat-deck boat - fitted with a Welsh flag and "No to 20mph" banner - from Penarth Marina to the Senedd on Wednesday afternoon, where more protesters would be spending the afternoon on the ground.

When the time came, however, the harbourmaster stopped any boats from heading out due to strong westerly winds, so Mr Tree instead joined the cause with his boots firmly on the ground.

“I use the boat whenever I can,” he said. “It's a party boat. There’s never been a reason to use it for a protest, until now."

He says the turnout was also affected by the weather.

Penarth Times: 20mph protest at the Senedd. Picture: Morgan James Media20mph protest at the Senedd. Picture: Morgan James Media (Image: Morgan James Media)

He found the like-minded motorists after commenting about the new speed limit - which he called 'insane' - on Facebook.

“The 20mph limit achieves nothing at all," he said. "It creates more congestion, more pollution, more tailgating and more frustration.

“That’s exactly what people are feeling today, one month after it came in. I can’t see any sense in it.”

The Welsh Government say the 20mph default will result in fewer casualties on the road, make Welsh communities nicer places to live and encourage active travel.

Having worked for a taxi company in the 1970s, Mr Tree says he “cannot imagine” the experience of the drivers who must abide by the 20mph default on restricted roads.

Penarth Times: Mr Tree's party boat dressed for protestMr Tree's party boat dressed for protest (Image: Jeff Tree)

He suggests the money could have been “ploughed” into school bus services instead so as to improve congestion and road safety outside schools.

Despite willing to brave the winds to take his message to lawmakers in Cardiff Bay, Mr Tree is cynical about the outcome of any protests against 20mph.

“I don’t see how they can backpedal on it after spending millions of pounds," he said. "There’s so much that I don’t understand about it."