A group of veterans have donated a brand-new poppy caravan to the Poppy Appeal group in Penarth to mark Remembrance Day.

A fundraising caravan has become a regular site on Windsor Road in the days leading up to Remembrance Sunday and will be on display today.

The new caravan was recently refurbished, with images of poppies along with silhouettes of soldiers which were donated by Popin Graphic on Penarth Road.

Paul Galsworthy, poppy appeal organiser, said: “We have had a new poppy caravan donated to us and Popin Graphics of Penarth Road have signed it for free noting the bikers supporting veterans and KB motors who graciously donated the caravan who’s been named “Poppy”.

“This year we are selling wreaths from the caravan, always looking to beat our last total, as we are and always will be Penarth’s Poppy appeal and won't be going anywhere.”

Three years ago, the Penarth Poppy appeal was on the brink of ending before Mr Galsworthy took over as the organiser in 2020.

He added: “I took on the role of poppy appeal organiser 3 years ago after it was threatened to finish. At first, there was just me and a handful of helpers now it’s thriving with loads of good Penarth people who want to help the RBL support veterans.

“The experience has given me personally renewed belief in people. And I’m sure if you wanted to be part of the appeal as a volunteer, you’d also see the value firstly for the RBL and then for you talking to people and finding out that we are all connected to servicemen and women who need our help.

This year the Penarth Poppy appeal has a new organiser who is hoping to raise more than previous years.

Will Henry, Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force said: “I have recently taken on the role of Poppy Appeal Organiser for Penarth and whilst we are doing collections in Tesco, Terra Nova Way and Morrisons Cardiff Bay we have a brand new caravan which will be on Windsor Road from today.

“In addition to this, we will be holding a low-key moment of remembrance on Sat 11 Nov 23 at 1050 - at the Poppy Appeal caravan.”