A co-working space in Penarth has expanded its business after one year of opening in the town centre.

Milkshed, run by John Davies and Will Summers, has expanded its business to offer co-working opportunities alongside standalone office space.

The business located on 1a Machen Street, across two storeys, upgraded its space to make it more appealing to others to help grow their business.

Mr Davies, a graphic designer said: “We have lived in Penarth for around ten years, so we like to think we know what makes a small town like this tick.

“That is small, independent businesses that generate income, spend that income locally, building up the town and the community. That’s what we had in mind when we pulled this together – that’s who we’ve aimed it at.

“The idea is to offer co-working in your community, rather than having to travel into the centre of Cardiff or onto a business park on the outskirts of the city, this is within Penarth.”

Milkshed received a maximum bursary available of £5,000 from the Vale of Glamorgan which enabled them to update the office space with new furniture and made it more appealing to those who use it.

Hot desks can be booked for daily use, fixed desks are available on a longer-term basis while larger studio spaces offer extra room for those who require it.

He added: “The bursary gave us a great professional platform to grow from. Rather than low-quality or second-hand furniture, it allowed us to buy nice sit/stand desks which are great for health.

“We have got good seating and things like fire extinguishers and bits of signage, those kinds of extras which we didn’t necessarily think about but are important to a public-facing company.

“It helped with marketing and advertising as well. Without the bursary, it would have been very difficult for us to do that.”

Milkshed is open to any individual or business that wants to use the space and has attracted an eclectic group of tenants, with collaborations already starting to develop.

Milkshed has fixed desks and hot desks available and a waiting list for those who require office space. More information and contact details can be found on the company’s website.