IT was a little less chaotic and a little more civilised in the latest consultation into the future of Vale healthcare.

In June, Cardiff and Vale Health Board hosted a rather tense and loud public meeting about proposals to build a Wellbeing Hub in Penarth at the leisure centre – one of the proposed locations for the hub – amongst a roller disco…

Before that, in April, the health board hosted an initial meeting at West House which turned out to be totally inappropriate as members of the public had to cram into the front room.

This time the health board seemed to have got it right – the consultation at least – held at Belle Vue Pavilion over a number of hours (3pm to 7pm on October 23).

Head of planning Marie Davies and her team were on hand to speak to people one on one and canvass their views on the future of healthcare in the county.

Most intriguing was the survey the health board set up on the far wall where every service that could/would be put into the Wellbeing Hub – from community child health services to pain management - was printed on displays and the public put a dot next to what they thought was the most important service to be prioritised in future health care plans.

In that makeshift survey, having district nurses and acute response teams, and physiotherapy were three of the most important services people wanted to see in the Vale.

Audiology and podiatry followed closely behind.

Penarth Times: A health board engagement session was hosted at Belle Vue PavilionA health board engagement session was hosted at Belle Vue Pavilion (Image: Newsquest)

Penarth Times: The public got to meet face to face with the health boardThe public got to meet face to face with the health board (Image: Newsquest)

On where the Wellbeing Hub could go there is no decision yet, however two locations are being looked into including Penarth Leisure Centre at Cogan and the old police station in Penarth.

On the location options, Ms Davies said: “Cogan has more space for development, but there are clear issues around access and traffic.

“The police station is more constrained from a footprint point of view. We’re looking at opportunities to expand, but we are not sure we can get everything there.”

Penarth Times: A makeshift survey looking into the importance of services was heldA makeshift survey looking into the importance of services was held (Image: Newsquest)

Penarth Times: Next engagement session will be in Sully and DinasNext engagement session will be in Sully and Dinas (Image: Newsquest)


One of the areas the health board has been criticised in is communication with the public, however Ms Williams explained there are plans in place to improve on this with the creation of "communication engagement groups".

Ms Williams explained: “Communication groups will be groups of up to 30 people from different areas of the community and six to eight health board members including planners who will meet every few months.

“This is a way to get information into and out of the community on this project.”

Penarth Times: Head of planning Marie Davies was there to greet peopleHead of planning Marie Davies was there to greet people (Image: Newsquest)

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On the meeting at Belle Vue Pavilion, a health board spokesperson said: "We are delighted with the attendance from residents of the Eastern Vale and thank everyone for engaging with us.

“We are glad to learn of the support residents have for Wellbeing Hubs and look forward to developing our plans to promote wellbeing and bring services closer to home.

"Together, the health board, local authority colleagues and residents will progress plans in collaboration to meet the needs of the wider community before a Wellbeing Hub proposal is submitted to Welsh Government for funding."

Next, will be engagement events in Sully and Dinas Powys, with dates still to be set.

Did you go to the Belle Vue engagement event? What did you think of it? What do you think of a Wellbeing Hub? Are you warming to the idea? Where do you think it should be located?

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What is a Wellbeing Hub? (Information provided by CVUHB)

A wellbeing hub is an integrated, community-focused health and wellbeing facility. They provide people with access to primary care (for example, doctors, physiotherapists and optometrists) and a wider range of health, care, and wellbeing services in the community.

It does not replace GP services, but extends services away from hospitals and into communities.

These services might include maternity services, diagnostics, physiotherapy and other outpatient services.

They allow to provide a greater range of services closer to home.