A FIREWORKS display that was going to be organised by Barry Island Pleasure Park, while discouraged by the Vale Council, has been cancelled.

Mr Henry Danter, owner of the pleasure park, wanted to put a fireworks display on for the people of Barry on October 28.

However, Vale of Glamorgan Council strongly discouraged the fireworks display on safety grounds.

Mr Danter now plans to hold a fireworks display on November 11 to celebrate the opening of the Barry Island ice rink.

The head of the pleasure park said it was sad he couldn’t hold the fireworks on October 28, but decided not to go ahead with it to keep the peace.

Because the display was to be done on private land, the Vale Council could not stop Mr Danter from holding a display if he wished, however the council, along with advice from fire and police officials, strongly discouraged the display on safety grounds.

Mr Danter told Barry and District News: “They (the council) first told me it (the fireworks) was nothing to do with them. We applied everything with health and safety and they were happy with the way we operate

“We have huge experience working with crowds and have never had any accidents, but the council did not want us to have the fireworks display."

The Vale Council advised in the “strongest possible terms” not to hold the fireworks due to safety concerns.

A spokesperson for the council previously said: “We have no power to prevent Mr Danter from holding this event, however we have advised in the strongest possible terms that it should not go ahead.

“That comes after consideration by an event safety group made up of representatives of the police, ambulance service, fire service and council.

“There is clear guidance around such events to protect those in attendance and it is the opinion of the group that these standards have not been met.

“Fireworks are dangerous and if not used properly can cause serious harm to people and property."

Penarth Times: Henry Danter decided not to hold his fireworks display on October 28Henry Danter decided not to hold his fireworks display on October 28 (Image: Newsquest)

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Mr Danter was disappointed his pleasure park could not hold the fireworks.

He added: “It is sad this event is closed. It is not my doing.

“We could have done it safely and the people of Barry would have enjoyed it, but to keep everybody happy we chose to alter the date.”

What do you think? Right decision, or should Mr Danter have hosted a fireworks display?

Is the Vale Council right in advising to shut the fireworks down due to safety concerns?

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