A VEGAN restaurant is launching a mobile takeaway service from a food truck in Penarth this month.

Anna-Loka, a restaurant based in Roath, Cardiff, is bringing its vegetarian food to the town after receiving a successful application to the council.

The food truck will be based outside the Premier shop on Purcell Road until June 2024. The first day is planned for Sunday, November 12.

Aaron Wong, owner of Anna-Loka and a former pupil at Stanwell School in Penarth, said: “We have had so much demand to open a branch in the Vale of Glamorgan for a long time but due to the high costs to rent a shop in Penarth, it stopped us.

“We always try to keep our customers happy and since we recently bought the food truck we thought why not apply for a licence in our hometown.

“We have had so much engagement on social media about it and everyone seemed excited that we will be opening this weekend.”

Ahead of the official opening, the truck did a one-off on Bonfire night, Sunday, November 5 at the Penarth Athletic field.

Speaking beforehand, Aaron said: “There will be about 2,000 people at the event on Sunday and we decided to do an initial pop-up to get the word out and hand out flyers on the day."

The name of the restaurant comes from Anna meaning food, health or earth, and Loka meaning world or planet in Sanksrit, India’s ancient language.

The the restaurant's website it explains that this "effectively represents what we offer; an eclectic, authentic, healthy experience that facilitates principled, conscious choices but doesn’t compromise on quality or taste".

The Anna-Loka food truck will be at the Penarth Athletic Club on Bonfire night between 5 pm – 7:30 pm and will be serving vegetarian burgers, Channa Masala, Vegan Mac and Cheese with Chips and Honk Kong curry.