THE management of a charity shop in Penarth says they are living in fear of becoming the next target after three similar locations were broken into.

Ty Hafan, Oxfam, and The British Red Cross in the town were broken into last month in the latest stint of burglaries in the area.

And now staff and volunteers at the Tenovus Cancer Care shop in Windsor Road are worried that they may become the next target, saying they feel like "sitting ducks".

Manager Vince Tugwell said: “We have heard about the break-ins, and we are taking cash off the premises every night trying to get it limited.

“I have the camera on the front of the door, and I always check the cameras from home in the hope that nobody is going to break in.

Penarth Times: Oxfam, British Red Cross and Ty Hafan were latest charity shops to be broken into. Picture: NQ StaffOxfam, British Red Cross and Ty Hafan were latest charity shops to be broken into. Picture: NQ Staff (Image: newsquest)“It’s very hard to get into the back of our building, that is probably why we haven’t been broken into yet. We are here like sitting ducks waiting for it to happen as there is nothing we can do.”  

After the Penarth Lawn Tennis Club and Penarth Athletic Club were the recent businesses to be broken into, Mr Tugwell believes there should be more police in the town.

He added: “A lady who donated to us from a business down the road was broken into, and I was told by the Red Cross that they saw on their camera the culprits having a cup of tea while trying to break into the safe.

“We have had customers come in and say how awful it is that charity shops are being targeted and why are the police not doing anything. I am not the police so I can’t answer them."

Mr Tugwell told the Penarth Times that the town should have a portable cabin with police inside to monitor the area.

He added: “In Bridgend, they have a portable cabin in the middle of town with police inside and crime has dropped.

“We have nothing, it should be increased, and police should do the same thing here. It is stupid that these people are breaking in because they know they can get away with it rather than what they get.”