PENARTH residents have said they are angered by lack of police presence in town after more businesses are broken into this month.

Over the past two months, eleven businesses have been broken into across the town centre and residents say that police are not doing enough to stop the burglaries.

Allan Sadler, Foxy’s Deli, Tony’s Taste of Italy, Windsor Castle, Café 64, Pizza Pronto and a business on Terra Nova Way were also broken into within two weeks of each other in September.

Oxfam, British Red Cross, Penarth Athletic Club, Penarth Lawn Tennis Club and Spencer’s shoe repair were also victims of burglary.

Residents in Penarth are devastated by the number of burglaries and believe there should be more police presence in the area.

Meanwhile, Penarth Boxing Club told the Penarth Times, that they know how it feels to be burgled as they had a break-in a few years ago,

Neil Munn, a coach at Penarth Boxing Club said: “We had a break in years ago, but there was nothing but value only punch bags.

“Whoever is doing the burglaries, we got a boxing club here for them as I don’t know how people live with themselves it's terrible.”

South Wales Police are continuing to investigate the recent rise in burglaries and as part of the response, detectives are reviewing forensic opportunities, speaking to witnesses, and viewing CCTV, to identify and arrest those responsible.

Dai John added: “I saw on Facebook that people reported three men around this area, going down and looking at different places every day but they never caught them.

“It’s awful, it’s the same everywhere and I keep an eye out for anything as I live by the rec near the park.”

A Penarth resident said: “It’s sad I really feel for the people who have been burgled, there needs to be more police presence in the area, and they need to be caught.”

South Wales Police were contacted for comment.