A BUSINESS in Penarth is urging other shops in town to be extra vigilant after £500 worth of goods were stolen in a shoplifting incident.

Hamptons, on Ludlow Lane, had several goods stolen from their store on Saturday, December 10 afternoon.

Aftershave, watches, cuff links, and perfume were stolen during the shop's busy period.

This comes after 13 businesses in the area were targeted in a spate of burglaries over the last three months.

Now as Christmas approaches, businesses are being targeted by shoplifters with three shelves worth of goods stolen from Hamptons.

Peter Knowles, one of the owners of Hamptons is now urging other businesses in the area to be vigilant during the Christmas period.

He said: “What is shocking is that it happened while we were open, it was a typical Christmas shopping afternoon, and the shop was packed with people.

“One of the staff noticed that three of the shelves were empty on one of the display cabinets. We knew that we didn’t sell one of the products there, so it looked like they were stolen.

“We spoke to customers to see if they saw anybody and they didn’t, so whoever had done it was experienced and determined and took the opportunity to steal while the shop was busy.”

To prevent further shoplifting incidents, the Hamptons have taken extra security measures by locking away similar products that could easily be stolen.

He added: “We have now left testers out for people to try instead of putting the products out on the shelves and if they liked it, they would have to ask for it.

“To be targeted like this, especially at this time of year is heartbreaking. I would say to other businesses to be extra vigilant and to recognise that this is going on.

“I hope our experience will help them be on their guard as I would hate for another business to be targeted.”

South Wales Police was approached for comment.