A CASTLE in the Vale of Glamorgan is now hosting weddings for the first time since opening four years ago.

Fonmon Castle has become a popular visitor attraction since opening to the public in 2019, with visitors drawn to the dinosaur park, medieval village, and ornamental gardens.

But now it is offering weddings to couples in spring 2024, people can tie the knot in the Scented Garden, the Watch Tower, Folly, or the Grand Library.

Zoe Binning, wedding manager at Fonmon said: “Fonmon is the most incredible and unique backdrop for a wedding.

“It’s been a fortress, a hunting lodge, a party palace and a glorious family home, and it’s guaranteed to make you feel like nobility on your special day.”

The ceremony can take place in a thatched hut in the scented garden, in front of the dramatic, fairytale-style watchtower which sits near the castle's romantic hidden Victorian garden, or in the castle's grand library.

In terms of caterers, music, entertainment, and the styling of the wedding, the Fonmon team are flexible and can offer trusted local suppliers or accommodate whatever the couple wishes to source themselves.

She added: “We are not only here for traditionally styled weddings, but we also encourage couples to get creative and shape a big day that truly reflects their personalities.

“Fonmon is homely, not austere and lends itself to relaxed weddings with a difference, so whether you want paintballing, cosplay, or to bring llamas to the ceremony, we are here to help bring it all to life.

“We are entering 2024, ready to help couples make their most treasured memories here at Fonmon Castle. We are open for booking now, so get in touch if you would like to know more.”