NEW YEAR is a time to reflect and look to a future filled with possibilities.

Slimming World Penarth has celebrated a great deal of success in 2023; it helped 76 people achieve their dream target weight and – collectively – 518 and a half stone was lost throughout the year.

This year also saw 85 members gain their Club 10 award for losing 10 per cent of their body weight – this is the point that the health benefits of Slimming World shine through.

Penarth Times: A Club 10 winner

“Our members are real people like you and me – I lost more than five-and-a-half stone and have kept it off for 15 years,” said consultant Kath Thorne-Thomas.

“Our amazing food optimising plan means you can lose weight without ever going hungry or missing out on your favourite foods.

“You just make some changes (supported through Image Therapy), develop a healthier lifestyle, and keep your weight off for good.”

Penarth Times: Men and women are welcome at Slimming World

Jude and Phil Moreton joined Slimming World Penarth just a few weeks ago, wanting to make healthy changes for themselves and their children – they now cook family meals using the Slimming World plan.

“The run up to Christmas is not the easier time to start a new healthy eating plan, but by following our food optimising plan they both managed to lose a stone in just a few weeks and had their one stone award on the same night,” said Ms Thorne-Thomas.

Penarth Times: Jude and Phil Morteon celebrating losing their first stone

Chris and his wife Ellen also joined to improve their health for their young family – Chris recently achieved his six stone award. Meanwhile, Karon Norton joined with her friend Tania Boucher – in just 13 weeks they have lost three stone and 6lb between them (while still eating a “variety of food”).

“Our amazing members seem to be almost constantly celebrating one another’s success,” added Ms Thorne-Thomas.

“Only this week, having joined two weeks ago Berit lost 11lb in her first week and got her one stone award in her second week - I can tell you that was a real feel good week seeing what you really can achieve when you follow the plan 100 per cent.”

Penarth Times: Happy with her Slimming World success

Slimming World Penarth has also carried out charity work in 2023 and has an “exciting new recipe book” coming out in January 2024.

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