PENARTH’S annual downhill derby is returning to town this summer after a one-year absence due to weather conditions.

The event returns on Saturday, July 13, alongside the Penarth Carnival after both events had to be cancelled last year due to extreme weather warnings.

It was the first time in 13 years since the Penarth Downhill Derby was created by Elliot Penn and Jerry Cross that it was cancelled.

Mr Penn told the Penarth Times that he is excited for the event to return to Cliff Hill this summer.

He said: “It was the first time that we had to cancel the event because of the weather but we had to think of everybody’s safety with the warning in place.

Penarth Times: The Penarth Downhill Derby in 2022. Picture: Penarth Downhill DerbyThe Penarth Downhill Derby in 2022. Picture: Penarth Downhill Derby (Image: Penarth Downhill Derby)Some of the karts from Penarth Downhill Derby 2022. Image: Mark Lewis

“We are excited for it to return this year and are starting to plan for the event this summer, we have no big plans right now as we have only just started to plan for this year.

“All we know so far is that the downhill derby will be on Saturday, July 13, alongside the Penarth carnival.”

Penarth Downhill Derby started in 2010 and since then the hugely popular kart race that takes place on Cliff Hill has become a great addition to the Penarth Summer Carnival.

Since it was announced on Friday, January 12, that the event was returning this summer there has already been a lot of interest in the downhill derby.

He added “I look forward to this event every year, it's amazing and my friend Jerry Cross wanted to go downhill in a go-kart and that’s where the idea came from, and it's grown into the amazing event it is.

“We have started small, and it has grown every year, we have already had people ask how to enter the event, so we are putting the entry forms live on Facebook and the council website.

“One of the reasons we started it was to get families together and kids off their PlayStations and to get out and do something with mum and dad, like mother and daughter or father and son. This year I would love to see more women taking part.”

The time of the event is yet to be announced.