FOR those wondering why trees have been cut down at Alexandra Park, it’s all part of a plan to introduce giant redwoods to the area.

Lawson cypress trees were planted along the 'top walk' at Alexandra Park in the 1900s, however droughts in 2022 and 2023 saw the trees decline.

Now, five giant redwoods will be planted to replace the Lawson cypress.

Penarth Civic Society said on their Facebook page: “For those who were wondering about the loss of some trees in Alexandra Park, we have some good news as to why, as well as what is set to replace them.

“In the early 1900s an avenue of Lawson cypress was planted along the 'top walk' at Alexandra Park, the main path that descends from the top park gates at Rectory Road.

“It formed a key feature of the park, but was gradually removed. Finally in 2023 after a long hot spring and summer drought of 2022 and another in May-June 2023 hastened the cypress trees' decline.

“Their last few stumps will be removed in January 2024 to make way for healthy new trees.

“The beautiful semi-mature blue Atlas cedar at the lower end of the avenue is in good health and will remain.”

In 2023, Project Giant, described as a “tree legacy heritage project” for Penarth, was launched.

“In 2023, Penarth Tree Forum worked with Parks staff to launch Project Giant as a tree legacy heritage project.

“Our volunteers bought several young giant redwoods. These trees can live for hundreds of years. When mature, they drink enough to help reduce stormwater run-off and they store large quantities of carbon in their thick tall trunks.

“Five of these giant redwoods will be planted soon to restore the former cypress avenue.

“When young, giant redwoods are bushy but as they mature, they grow taller than wide and develop a clear trunk at the base.”

Penarth Times: Cypress trees which suffered drought are out and redwoods are to be planted at Alexandra Park to restore 'cypress avenue'Cypress trees which suffered drought are out and redwoods are to be planted at Alexandra Park to restore 'cypress avenue' (Image: Penarth Civic Society)

Project Giant has already seen the introduction of redwoods in the area, with the help of Stanwell School.

Penarth Civic Society added: “As part of the project, in autumn 2023, Stanwell School's eco-club helped to plant two other redwoods supplied by our volunteers. 

“We call them the 'Stanwell Twins'. The eco-club will help to care for the Twins to help them establish while PTF tree volunteers nurture the five at Alexandra Park.

“We hope, when mature, these majestic conifers will impress and delight future generations for many years to come.”

It is hoped the new redwoods will add to Penarth’s luscious green and timeless character.

Penarth Civic Society finished by saying: “The five young redwoods will punctuate views across to the memorial but when mature, they'll tower majestically above the top walk to frame glimpses below their branches through to the lower park.”

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