A PENARTH barbershop has re-opened in a new location in the town centre for the fourth time in ten years.

Crop Shop Two re-opened at bigger premises on Windsor Road on Monday, January 29 near its previous store on the same road.

The business first opened in Penarth ten years ago on Windsor Road, before relocating to two locations in Glebe Street and returning to Windsor Road last month.

Owner Ceri Morris is now celebrating ten years of her business in Penarth.

Penarth Times: Crop Shop Two opened at its new location in Penarth, Windsor Road on Monday, January 29. Picture: Ceri MorrisCrop Shop Two opened at its new location in Penarth, Windsor Road on Monday, January 29. Picture: Ceri Morris (Image: Ceri Morris)

She said: “I re-located four times in Penarth, I have been here ten years and I have moved for the fourth time because of the landlord at the last property.

“When I first started, I was in Windsor Road, before moving to two separate properties in Glebe Street and now I am back at the start of Windsor Road, so I have done a full circle of Penarth.”

Ms Morris closed her other Crop Shop Two barber shop on Saturday, January 27, before moving to her new premises.

The mum-of-three, from Sully, told the Penarth Times that the first three days at the new location have been a success.

She added: “This shop is bigger which I didn’t want, I am on the high street now as one of the first shops, so I am not in the middle in the heart of Penarth which was a bit concerning, but the last three days have been amazing.

“All my customers seem to be following me, so it is going well - touch wood, even the opening went well. I gave complimentary beers and processo out to mark the day.

“This shop is a little bit bigger and scarier but if I don’t do it, it was either carry on or give up so I made the decision to carry on and I have a good feeling about it.”

She added: “It's already busy now, so I am ready to put the flag up ready for the six nations and complimentary beers for the start of the tournament as well as moving in and my tenth year.”