PENARTH’s Downhill Derby is officially open for entries after it announced its return last month.

The ever-popular Downhill Derby and Penarth Summer Festival weekend will take place on Saturday, July 13, on Penarth’s Seafront.

The event attracts thousands of spectators and entrants travel from far and wide to participate in the annual soapbox race.

Co-founder Elliott Penn said: “We are very proud of how Penarth has embraced the event.

“Every year gets bigger and better and 2024 is sure to bring new thrills and surprises. We welcome all entrants, whether they’re regular races or new to the Derby.”

The event last year was cancelled due to extreme weather warnings - the first time in 13 years it had to be halted.

Since it was announced on Friday, January 12, that the event was returning it has received a lot of interest from the public about signing up.

Mr Penn added: “I look forward to this event every year, it's amazing and my friend Jerry Cross wanted to go downhill in a go-kart and that’s where the idea came from, and it's grown into the amazing event it is.

Organisers especially welcome homemade go-kart racers who have never taken part before. Anyone can enter, including those under 16 if the kart is human-powered, homemade and able to stop.

Racers will rattle down the 300m length of Cliff Hill, with a finish line outside the Yacht Club. Karts battle against chicanes, water hazards and ramp jumps against the backdrop of the vibrant carnival atmosphere.

Prizes are awarded for speed and creativity in each age group and special prizes include the most spectacular kart and the hotly contested 2024 King of the Hill title.

Entry is free. More information and entry forms can be found at and enquiries can be made at or via the Downhill Derby Facebook.