RNLI volunteers will be visiting schools in Penarth to host a presentation and an award ceremony along with a parade to celebrate the charity’s 200th anniversary.

Volunteers at RNLI Penarth Lifeboat Station will take their D-Class lifeboat to schools before holding a presentation and parade on Windsor Road on Monday, March 4.  

During the celebrations, RNLI Penarth will commemorate its remarkable lifesaving history, along with the commitment of all those who have been part of the RNLI family over the past two centuries.

They will hold a ceremony for their crew during the evening to present awards. The event will conclude with an auction.

As part of the celebration, the RNLI shop in Penarth will have special commemorative gifts available for the public to buy at their open station.

The open station Sundays are February 18, March 3 and March 17 which will be open between midday and 3pm.

The RNLI is celebrating its world-class lifesaving service and the progress they have made, from using oar-powered lifeboats to modern lifesaving vessels.

The charity strives to inspire and innovate in technology, training, fundraising, and campaigns, all in the service of their mission to save lives.

They aim to increase their influence and reach by providing expertise and advice to help people stay safe in and around water.

Their goal is to create a sustainable and inclusive organization, led by skilled and dedicated individuals, that can continue to save lives for years to come.

Other celebratory events across the UK include the raising of the RNLI 200 flag; the presentation of RNLI Volunteer pins; annual Open Days; the Connecting Our Communities project; and the ‘One Moment, One Crew’ event to mark exactly one moment as one crew at 18:43 on 1.8.24.

 There will also be a Thanksgiving service at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff on Saturday, April, 27 and Westminster Abbey on Monday, March 4.