“SERIOUSLY, do you actually speak to the people you represent?” That's just some of the responses we received after Penarth Town Council put their support behind a gym being turned into a wine shop.

The future of Anytime Fitness looks anything but certain as bulk-selling wine merchants Majestic look to move into the site.

This has left the gym's 1,000 members in uproar, and they seem particularly upset at their elected councillors, who, in a town council meeting on February 15, supported the application for Majestic to move in.

Although some councillors, such as Richard Cox, said they regretted the change of use, the meeting heard there was no plausible ground for the council to reject the application. Cllr Elliot Penn said he did not support the application.

But, Cllr Rhiannon Birch was rather more gun-ho, saying: “This does not make a big difference to the majority of people.

"Most people do not go to bulk wine sellers and most people do not use that gym.”

And despite the amount of independent wine sellers in Penarth, Cllr Mark Wilson seemed interested to see what Majestic could bring, saying: “Only open until 7pm seems quite reasonable and Majestic is for people who have to make serious purchases. Nowhere really in Penarth does that."

Penarth Times: From left: Cllr Birch, Cllr Wilson, Cllr Penn and Cllr CoxFrom left: Cllr Birch, Cllr Wilson, Cllr Penn and Cllr Cox (Image: Penarth Town Council)

What does Penarth Town Council’s support for Majestic mean for Anytime Fitness?

Penarth Town Council has thrown their support behind the application for Majestic to move into Anytime Fitness, however that’s not the end of the story.

The council does not have the final say on the application - the final say will be by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s planning committee.

Hopefully, when they decide on the future of the site at Moorwells Building on Windsor Road, it’ll go a little smoother than the latest planning meeting which had to be abruptly ended due to technical difficulties. Read more on that, here.

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Penarth Times: Could this be the end of Anytime in PenarthCould this be the end of Anytime in Penarth (Image: Newsquest)

Penarth Times: The people of Penarth could be about to have the opportunity to buy a serious amount of wine...The people of Penarth could be about to have the opportunity to buy a serious amount of wine... (Image: Majestic)

'Seriously, do you actually speak to the people you represent?' Letters we’ve had on Majestic looking to move into Penarth gym Anytime Fitness

“Seriously Ms Birch, do you actually speak to the people you represent? How on earth can you say nobody goes there? That it makes no difference? Me and 999 go there and it is CRUCIAL to our lives.

“Seriously Mr Wilson - Nowhere in Penarth for serious wine purchases? There is a number of wholesalers on Penarth Road! What are you talking about? It’s a six minute drive away! And what about supporting the independent wine shop that does exist here?”

Anne Davies

"Anytime Fitness in Penarth is not just a gym; it is a vital hub for physical and mental health, as well as a cherished community space.

"We kindly ask for your support and advocacy in preserving Anytime Fitness and ensuring that the interests of the community are prioritised in this decision-making process."

Andreas Tsopanakis

“Let me ask you all a question, have you been to the gym at 5pm on a Monday and seen the 60 plus people using cardio equipment/weights machines and taking part in group exercise classes?

“Have you been into the gym at 3.30pm everyday and seen a gym full of students from Stanwell, St Cyres, Westbourne and Ysgol Bro Morgannwg all using the facility?

“All these people will be using the gym for different reasons whether it's training for an event, for their mental health wellbeing, or just simply to socialise and have human contact in their day.

Hannah Evans

“The silence from our local councillors regarding this issue has left many of your constituents feeling unheard and frustrated.

“We believe it is crucial for our elected representatives to be actively engaged in matters that directly impact the well-being and livelihoods of the community.”

Michelle deClaire

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