The cabinet chairman of the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR), has completed a four-day cycle from Paris to Cannes to raise funds for youth-oriented charities.

The beneficiaries of Cllr Anthony Hunt's ride include Cyclists Fighting Cancer, Coram and the Tom Ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust.

These organisations focus on youth cancer support, children in care, legislative changes, and combating violent crime via youth programs.

Cllr Hunt's final destination, the 'Marche International des Professionals d’Immobilier' (MIPIM), is a prime annual real estate gathering with over 26,000 participants from around the globe.

The event provides opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and regional showcasing.

Cllr Hunt said: "I cycled to MIPIM to raise money for some great causes, including Cyclists Fighting Cancer, Coram supporting children and adoptive families and the Tom Ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust, helping transform young lives.

"The work of these charities is life changing.

"So far, I’ve raised more than £2,500 as one of around 80 riders, so the total funds raised will be significant, bringing incredible benefits to these organisations."

CCR is planning a series of events this week to draw attention to its investment potential, commitment to sustainable growth, and local communities.

As a CCR delegate, Cllr Hunt is actively seeking South Wales investment.