Enforcement officers now cover four roads in the Vale of Glamorgan as part of Wales’ default 20mph speed limit.

From today, Monday, March 18 Wales’ default 20mph speed limit will be enforced on more roads, including four roads in Penarth, Rhoose and Llangan.

GoSafe has added more roads for their officers to monitor after using their enforcement criteria.

Where appropriate, enforcement sites will be established where there is evidence of road safety risk.

The following roads in the Vale of Glamorgan have been assessed using the criteria and will now see enforcement introduced into the community.

Westbourne Road, Penarth, Porthkerry Road, Rhoose, Fontygary Road-Rhoose Road, Rhoose and Ruthin Road, Llangan, Fferm Goch-School.

The 20mph speed limit was introduced on residential roads across Wales on September 17 and eight months later the move is still being met with backlash from residents.

Over 406,000 people have signed a petition in opposition to the new 20mph speed limit which the petitions committee is now considering after it closed on March 13.

Jeff Tree, a protester of the 20mph speed limit and Penarth resident said: “It makes absolutely no sense at all, 20mph causes congestion, and pollution and then people get frustrated and try to overtake each other and that's when the accidents happen."

Nine people were prosecuted in January and February 2024, GoSafe has issued the following advice in built-up areas, if you see streetlights assume it's 20mph unless signed otherwise.

Speaking about the speed limit last week GoSafe added: “Six months following the legislation change, enforcement will now be considered in all areas where there is evidence of road safety risk.

"The first response to 20mph speeding concerns will still be to use Operation Ugain, but we will assess any emerging concerns in these areas as we do in any other speed limit from 18th March 2024